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Filing a Complaint - Read First
« on: September 14, 2013, 06:03:04 am »
If you have not read and followed these instructions your complaint will be deleted.
I investigate all matters from reputable sources. Everyone is consider a reputable source until proven otherwise.

Please use the following format in presenting a complaint:

SUBJECT: Admin Abuse, Abusive Player, Hacker. (Keep It Simple, No Names Required Here or Extra Characters).
Complaint Filed Against: (Person or Persons)
Complaining About: (Admin Abuse, Hacking - Short Answer)
Server: (Bones1, Bones2, GunGame, Etc..)
Time Frame of Incident: (10:10PM PST - 10:45PM PST) [IMPORTANT - TIMEZONE].
Map(s): (List the Map or Maps this occured on).
Witnesses: (People In the Server).
Incident: (Describe all details PROFESSIONALLY. Spell out the problem what happened all the details of it so I can investigate it.

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