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General Discussion / How to prove 1=2 ?
« on: October 08, 2014, 03:18:12 am »
I recently proved 1=2,
by common sense we all know this is wrong.
But I think everything of my proof looks correct.

if -2=-2
then we can say 1-3=4-6
or 1-3+(2.25)=4-6+(2.25) 
Notice that 2.25= 9/4 = square of 3/2 (3/2 * 3/2)
therefore we have
(1) - 21(3/2) + (3/2) = (2) - 22(3/2) + (3/2)
which equals
(1- 3/2) = (2- 3/2)       According to formula (a-b) = a - 2ab + b
then 1- 3/2 = 2 - 3/2
and finally 1=2

Anything wrong?

General Discussion / Which accent you have when speaking English?
« on: August 26, 2014, 10:31:49 pm »
Check this out, This guy is damn awesome!

CS:CZ / Nominate A New Map
« on: August 07, 2014, 01:14:06 am »

I just put the map that I want to add in our server in this thread.
Hope everybody can see this and give suggestions.

player slot: 32
type: hostages rescue
For bones server

This is one of the officially released cz map, everybody should have this map but anyway, download link are provided:

General Discussion / Project: Add New Map
« on: July 23, 2014, 09:19:32 am »

[T] has been formed for a long time. Everything runs smoothly and functional.

While, like in a biomass, old cells die and new cells born. Similarly, it's better to refresh the "blood" in our game.

My understanding of this is we'd better add some new maps.

Many players and even I thought that spending all the time playing every mutated version of dust2 or assault all the time, is, a little boring.

Therefore, I suggest everybody participate, give us any new map you interested in or want to add.

I know this could be long, aimless and time consuming. But playing new maps is definitely a good way to add new elements to our family and keep people excited.

And now I want to start my project, and hopefully everyone who see this thread can share ideas. And this thread will be updated.

My first nomination (2014/7/23)

No.1 cs_havana_cz:

Reason why this is a good map for bones
1) support 32 players
2) alley-battlezone, no huge empty spaces(like compound01 and aztec)
3) sufficient hiding area and approaching routes.
4) the inner structure of the apartment complex is complicated. Escape routes are diversified.

No.2 cs_darkhouse

Reason why this is a good map for bones
1) support 32 players
2) compound area invading map. T in a big house and CT outside.
3) entrance of the house is sufficient and in every direction
4) enough shelter between ct spawn and T's house.

No.3 zm_abyss

Reason why this is a good map for zombie-survival
1) support 32 players
2) loop-area, easy to hit and run
3) some place that needs effort to reach and easy to defend.

I will provide necessary bsp. txt. wad .mdl and nav. file if you guys are interested in it.

CS:CZ / Some glitches on bones
« on: January 27, 2014, 07:16:18 pm »
Hi [T]echnetic members,

This is L8TER,

It's my pleasure to be one of our family, hope we can enjoy playing together in the future.

I've been played this mod for a while, and I probably realized some general ideas about bones. To make our game a perfect one, I want to point out some glitches in bones and hope they can be fixed.

1 Drop Gun Glitch

Seems that MP5 Navy cannot be thrown away, everytime you try to throw your MP5, it will drop right below your legs and you'll grab it again.

2 Bomb Explosion and TK punishment Glitch

When you plant the bomb and it blows up, it will hurt or kill your teammate. And this is still count to TK punishment. For example, if you have run enough far  away from the bomb to be hurt but the bomb hurt your teammate, you may die and lose your gun, due to TK punishment.

3 Spawn Stuck Glitch

This happens in de_train T-side and de_dust_cz CT-side. In train, as T, sometimes you will stuck next to the boxes. In dust, as CT, sometimes you will stuck on the stairs to at the left side of CT spawn.

4 Glitches of some maps

This is almost not important but it's better to point it out.
Some players will lag seriously when they reach a small area at CT spawn. It's at the end of one side of that basement next to the vent on ceiling.
de_dust2_remake_cz (maybe this name)
Some players will lag seriously when they pass the bridge to bombsite B at T spawn.
When the Bot team have 10+ players, many of them will be spawn killed and only 6-8 left.
Same thing, if Bot team have too many players, most of them will get spawn killed.
When this becomes the map for the next game, it will automatically change back to de_dust2_cz. And all players will disconnect when loading.
Same thing, no map found.

Here are all glitches in our bones I've already detected. Again, to make our game the perfect and excellent one, I'm willing to find out any issues and let us fix it.


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